Catching Up

February 4, 2015

Today's post is a random assortment of things that are going on in my life. Just thought I'd catch you up!

A picture of Mark and I at a recent family wedding.

1. Mark left last week. It was so fun having him home for six weeks. He moved into a beautiful new apartment and started his new job. Now I just have to wait until June when I'll get to join him! I also just booked a flight to go see him for a long weekend in the beginning of March so I have that to look forward to :)

2. Sugar by Maroon 5. Seriously love this song. Most Maroon 5 songs get on my nerves, but I still love this one. Especially now with Valentine's day around the corner. Which brings me to #3...

3. Valentine's Day. I'm one of those people who actually loves this holiday. What's not to love about celebrating love (and pink things and fun candy)?? These Valentine donuts from Angel Food Bakery are just too fun!

4. So. Much. TV. With Mark being home and then the semester starting back up I have had no time to watch TV #firstworldproblems. I'm so behind on all of my shows! I'm hoping to do some serious lounging this weekend and play catch up. I'm currently watching Parks and Rec, Downton, Pretty Little Liars (I know, I know), The Mindy Project, Scandal, Grey's, and How to Get Away With Murder. Phew.

5. Stir fry. I made a seriously awesome shrimp stir fry the other day and can't wait to make it again soon! Loosely followed this recipe.

These cookies are gluten free and made with only peanut butter, an egg, sugar, and chocolate chips! Recipe here

6. Gluten free. I've long struggled with digestive issues and recently had my gastroenterologist recommend that I maintain a low fodmap diet. I know, wtf is a fodmap, right? It's a type of carbohydrate that's difficult for people like me to digest. It's found in gluten and dairy (insert wailing emoji here), two of my absolute favorite things. I've had a really hard time cutting out gluten and dairy completely (showcased by the donuts above), but I have noticed that I feel better when I don't eat it. It's a process, one that I'm struggling with, but getting better at.

7. I'm on a bit of a spending freeze right now. I've been spending a lot on dinners out and drinks with girlfriends recently (oh and a plane ticket too) so I need to be good for a while. That means that a lot of outfits coming up will be featuring older pieces. Which will be a fun challenge :)

Well, there you have it. One big mind dump. That's what's been going on in my head lately. What's been on your mind?

xo Catherine 


  1. I don't know what it is about "sugar" by maroon 5 but I totally agree. Their songs usually drive me crazy but I really like this one. And it's a super cute video. :)

    1. Agreed! I'm sure they'll overplay it and we'll get sick of it eventually ;)


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