All of the Layers

February 16, 2015

Vest: Nordstrom Rack (similar). Top: J. Crew (can be recreated with this and this). Jeans: Old Navy. Flats: Target (similar). Purse: Topshop (similar). Hat: Anthropologie (similar). Sunglasses: RayBan

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty excellent. On Friday I saw Still Alice (very sad, but Julianne Moore was excellent) and then made myself lasagna and watched movies. Then on Saturday I had lunch with my mom at the Sassy Spoon (#bestnameever) and it was delicious (and all gluten free)! Then I celebrated Galentine's Day with some of my girlfriends. We ordered Chinese, drank wine, and watched Titanic. Yesterday was spent as all Sundays are: homework :(

As far as this outfit goes, it's not really anything amazing, but the layers create a bit of visual interest. I wore this simple, layered look on Friday for a day of running errands

xo Catherine

*Keeping it real: It was way too cold to wear flats, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear boots yet again. Also, I'm just feeling very uninspired when it comes to creating interesting outfits. You could say I'm ready for spring clothes!


  1. I noticed your footwear right away & thought you were very's been freakin cold around these parts lately! You look cute as usual--I love layers & pretty much live in outfits identical to this. :)

    1. I love that you noticed it right away! Don't worry I put boots back on right after these pictures :(

  2. That hat is sooo chic! It distracted me from your poor feet! ;)

  3. For being uninspired, you look great! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!! YUM I now totally want to make lasagna and want to try out the Sassy Spoon!


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