On Moving

May 27, 2015

Well, today's the day! I've spent the last seven months mentally preparing, the last three months trying to do everything I love in Minneapolis, and the last week packing and cleaning, and packing some more. I'm equal parts nervous and excited for this next chapter. So today I thought I'd share a few things about moving to California that I'm excited about, and what I'll miss about Minnesota.

What I'll miss:
1. My family. Hands down this is going to be the hardest part. I see my sister at least once a week, and my mom at least every other week. There's going to be a lot of face timing!
2. All of the amazing friends I've made. It will be weird not to have anyone to have wine and movie nights with.
3. The lakes. I love the Minneapolis lakes.
4. My smallish, but wonderful city. I love everything about Minneapolis. There's always something to do or a new restaurant to try. 
5. Having all four seasons. I actually really love weather. Snow, rain, I enjoy it all.
6. The familiarity. I've obviously never been everywhere, but I have a pretty good grasp on the Twin Cities, so I'm not looking forward to learning a whole new area. 

What I'm excited about:
1. Getting to see Mark every day. After four years of long distance, I'm so ready to actually be in the same place!
2. The ocean. It's 45 minutes away from us :)
3. All of the amazing places that are only a few hours away. On my list: Big Sur, Napa, Capitola, Berkeley, and Tahoe. So many fun places to take weekend trips!
4. The fact that my shoes won't get ruined from snow. This is obviously small in the scheme of things, but I hate buying shoes and then only getting one season's worth of wear out of them because of the winters!
5. Going out on my own (plus Mark). I went to college 25 minutes away from home, and my sister went to the same college, so I've never strayed too far. I'm excited to see what it's like and to learn a lot about myself!
6. The fact that my blog backgrounds will probably be prettier (sorry MN). Everything is always so beautiful and green, so I'm excited to take some pretty pictures ;)

Well, now I'm off to drive the 30-some hours to CA! Wish me luck! You can follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (myinnerfabulous)!

xo Catherine

p.s. I will be taking the rest of the week off, see you back here on Monday!


  1. good luck. we went to san francisco and napa/sonoma back in march (coming from a major snow storm in philly) and i said to the boyfriend, this weather would only bring happiness. like, the mild temps, the brightly shining sun...you can't help but be perpetually in an upbeat mood. enjoy your new home!


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