Things I Like Vol. 48

April 4, 2018

Hello! Getting a little bit of a late start to posting today so let's just get right to the good stuff!

1. Where was this list of most romantic hotels when we were trying to plan our honeymoon? Seriously want to visit all of these!

2. Such an interesting read from a journalist who set out to pay a woman a compliment a day for a month only to have none of them accept the compliment. I don't think I always rebuff compliments but I've definitely done it before. Let's all agree to accept all compliments because we're awesome and deserve them!

3. My mom showed me this yesterday and now I think Louie needs one 😂

4. Loved Jess's roundup of her outfits from Australia. Has me both wanting to plan a trip and also to do all of the spring/summer shopping!

6. Well if this isn't just the most perfect raincoat I've ever seen and I probably need it for our London trip! 

As some of you may know I am a contractor at Google and yesterday there was a shooting at the YouTube office, which Google owns. The YouTube office is about 20 minutes away from the campus I work on so I was fine and safe. However, several of my coworkers previously worked at YouTube and still have friends there. It was a rude awakening to see people I know waiting to hear news about their friends' safety. I've become so desensitized to shootings (as I'm sure a lot of us have) but this one felt a lot closer and more personal. I just can't believe we're still dealing with this. You're probably wondering why I'm sharing this when these Wednesday posts are supposed to be about things I like, not terrible acts of violence. The answer is simply that this was weighing on me and for some reason I felt the need to document my thoughts. I went back and forth about whether or not to include this paragraph but ultimately decided it just felt wrong to ignore something so awful. Hopefully when I look back on this post in the future I will be living in a world where things like this don't happen regularly.

Thank you so much for reading and for always letting me share what's on my mind, good and bad.

Have a wonderful day, friends.

xo Catherine 

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