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April 16, 2018

Remember this post from January where I shared what movies and TV shows I've been watching recently? I'm thinking about making it a regular series like Recent Reads since it started some fun conversations (and I just really love movies/TV). Let me know if you enjoy reading these types of things :) Like I mentioned in that post I love to talk entertainment recommendations IRL so figured this was a good place to share too!

1. The Looming Tower. You can find this mini-series on Hulu. It's based on a book and is the true story of events leading up to 9/11. Essentially the CIA and FBI weren't communicating very well and with hindsight it's so frustrating. I'm fascinated by shows about counterterrorism (like Homeland) so this is right up my alley. The last episode airs on Wednesday and I'm V excited for the finale!

2. Victoria. I miss Downton and therefore am happy to have started watching Victoria which is also by Masterpiece Classic. You can stream it on Prime. It's set in the 1800's right after Queen Victoria's regime starts and follows her and her household while they get settled into the swing of Victoria's new role.

3. Ready Player One. Mark and I saw this in theaters last week (with MoviePass obvs) and both really enjoyed it. I am not a gamer (are you surprised?😂)and Mark is and yet we both thought it was good. If you're not familiar it's set in the near future in the US after a few wars have left the real world a desolate place. Because of the state of the physical world people retreat to the OASIS which is a digital world that people can find reprieve in and present themselves the way they want to be seen. There's an ongoing competition that if won you become the owner of the OASIS. The movie follows Wade Watts and his friends as they try to win the challenge in the OASIS. I'm not explaining it very well but there are a lot of cultural references and it's just a fun movie. I haven't read the book but I've heard it's quite different from the movie!

4. The Assassination of Gianni Versace. We finished this a few weeks ago and I think the only way to watch it right now is either to buy it or it might still be on Demand. It's the true story of Gianni Versace's assassination by Andrew Cunanan. The show is told in such an interesting way where it works backwards in time from Versace's murder through the other murders that led up to his all the way back to when he and Cunanan met the first time. It's really well done (Darren Criss was especially good) but as you can imagine it's kind of depressing.

5. A Quiet Place. Saw this over the weekend and I'd definitely recommend! Basically there are some mysterious creatures on the loose who can only find you if you make noise. Therefore, everyone has to do everything silently. The movie follows the Abbott family as they go about trying to survive in silence. If you see it in the theater be sure to open all of your candy and whatnot beforehand because it's eerily quiet in there and you can hear everyone's every move!

We're also keeping up with The Americans and Silicon Valley right now but those aren't new so I'm sure you've heard of them. I typically like to have just one show that we're focusing on but we're kind of bouncing around right now between a few things. 

Seen anything good lately?

xo Catherine 

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