Things I Like Vol. 50

April 18, 2018

Having a good week so far? I've been busier than normal with work and therefore am feeling a bit frazzled. Definitely glad we're halfway through the week!

1. YOU GUYS, tomorrow is officially the one month countdown until the royal wedding! Are you sick of me sharing Meghan Markle-related links yet? Hope not because I have another one for you today ;) here is a roundup of Meghan's favorite beauty products.

2. I don't know about you but I grew up watching The Sandlot and that movie has so much summer nostalgia associated with it for me. This year is the 25th anniversary of the movie so a bunch of the cast reunited. You won't recognize a few of them!

3. The first space hotel is supposed to open in 2021 and you can stay for a casual $700K per night!

4. I've posted about Stacie before because I am just obsessed with her content. You may remember she and her husband spent the last year traveling all over the world. She wrote an article for MyDomaine sharing her top five favorite countries out of the 60 they visited. She also wrote a post on her blog breaking down her more specific favorites like best meals, architecture and train rides. I will be bookmarking for future trips!

5. I've been on the hunt for cute and (hopefully) comfortable walking shoes for our London trip this summer. I've got my eye on this blush pair of sneakers and these leopard slip ons

Have a wonderful week!
xo Catherine 

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