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January 14, 2019

There's not really a rhyme or reason to today's post, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things as of late! I didn't get my act together to share much holiday content so there are some items that may be a bit passed their prime, but they're on sale now so you could snag them and be ready for next holiday season­čśĆ Let's get into it!

 Splendid Nixie booties. You've already seen these here and here but I just love them so much I wanted to call them out again. I have serious commitment issues when it comes to booties. They're always too short or too tall or not comfortable enough. Enter these game-changers. I bought the cognac originally and loved them so much I bought them in black too. The thick heel is so comfy and they're low enough that they're super easy to walk in. I've worn these for hours of walking and even wore them to run around NYC. I also think they come up the perfect amount on your ankle. I love a cute little bootie that shows off your ankle, but that's not always practical. These come up high enough that you can wear any kind of sock and you won't be able to see it. Highly recommend!
Tartan slippers. I got these for Christmas and am obsessed. Then I saw the Dalmatian ones and couldn't resist those either so now I have two new pairs of tartan slippers. Even though tartan may say holidays, I think in slipper-form they work all winter long and they're both on super sale now in a few sizes. 
Pleated lace top. I cannot believe I didn't get any more pictures of me in this top because I wore it to five different events this holiday season. Talk about a wardrobe workhorse! It's picked over size-wise but if they have yours I'd recommend scooping one up. This top is surprisingly versatile and we all know how hard it is to find a "going out top". I wore it with tartan pants, the gold jacquard pants you see above and black jeans. It would look cute with a skirt too. I'm seriously considering grabbing the red one as well!
New vintage dresser. I'm not normally one to shop Craigslist or eBay but I just wasn't finding any dressers that I liked. I wasn't sure exactly what style I wanted but I stumbled upon this one on Craigslist and responded quickly to claim it. The woman I bought it from had refinished it in black but left the original brass handles and I'm obsessed. I just need to style it now but I'm thinking of picking up this mirror and I really love the idea of using a Greek bust to display my necklaces. Mark will think it's weird, but I promise it looks cool!
Becoming. I know everyone is blowing up your newsfeed with this book but it's for good reason! We read this book for our December book club and we all loved it. I'll do a more in-depth review in my next Recent Reads but do yourself a favor and buy/rent this! 

Yeti straw. I had a Yeti water bottle and really liked it but it wasn't perfect because you just screw the whole top off to drink out of it. Which makes it pretty difficult to drink out of it while working out, walking or driving. I asked for the new straw for Christmas and am happy to report that it's a game changer. It was a little bit too tall for my version of the water bottle but I just cut an inch off of the straw and problem solved!

So that's my hodgepodge of things bringing me joy right now! 

Have a fabulous Monday!

xo Catherine 

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