Friday Day Dreams - March 15

March 15, 2019

Hi Friends - it’s been a minute. Today’s Friday Day Dreams will be a great way to catch up! Since we last talked Mark and I had a little getaway to Florida. Originally I was going to go for a whole week with Mark there the first half and then my mom there for the second half. Unfortunately, like I mentioned in the last FDD my mom fell and broke her wrist so she wasn’t able to join me. I considered staying by myself but ultimately four days felt too long to be alone in another state so I came back early with Mark. It was a bummer but I was excited to see Louie and I was able to get some things done that I wouldn’t otherwise make time for. The trip may have been shorter than anticipated but we were lucky to even have a few days of warm sunshine. 

This week's high: The snow is melting! The streets and our yard are a nightmare but I’m just excited about the consistent above-freezing temps. Spring is near!

This week's low: My anxiety has been worse than normal the last couple of weeks. I've always had anxiety, and like most people it ebbs and flows, but with all of the travel plan changes last week I've been feeling extra on edge. I don't talk about my anxiety on here much but it's something I've dealt with for as long as I can remember and sometimes it's just more prevalent and harder to deal with.  I've been meaning to find a permanent therapist I like here in MN but it's hard to find someone you like and I've been lazy. In the meantime I've been trying to meditate more because that helps!

What I'm reading: Remembrance. This is such a fun read for me because it’s a new (well, from 2016) installment in the Mediator series which I LOVED in elementary/middle school. I was so excited when I found out she wrote a new book that followed the characters into adulthood. I’m having all of the nostalgic feels. 

What I'm watching: We just finished True Detective season 3. I thought it was pretty good but I wasn’t blown away like everyone else seems to be.

Best thing from the internet: This hilarious video of a dog gone rogue during his dog show performance. 

Currently obsessed with: You guys know I love my Revlon ColorStay lipstick and I am loving the "Ingénue" color I just bought. It's a true red, which I didn't think they made, so I am pumped. 

Weekend plans: As of right now we don’t have any plans. It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday so I feel like we need to find something to do! Otherwise I really need to organize our pantry and have been putting it off for months. Maybe this will finally be the weekend…

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
xo Catherine 

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