Friday Day Dreams - March 22

March 22, 2019

Happy Friday! This was a good week for me — it was Louie's adoptiversary, we had a fun book club, a ton of snow melted...what more could a girl ask for?

This week's high: It was a really good week at work. Nothing major happened but a lot of things that I was nervous or having some anxiety about went really well or better than expected. 

This week's low: I'm in a workout rut. I've been doing BBG since last January and even though there are multiple programs within the Sweat app I'm still feeling bored and finding myself dreading every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning when I get up early to workout. I'm worried that if I keep dreading it this much I'll stop altogether, which I don't want. If you have any favorite at home workouts, let a girl know. 

What I'm reading: Balthazar. I'm continuing my nostalgic book kick and am reading the fifth Evernight book which was a series I started in middle school and never finished. It's very similar to Twilight and I'm having a great time re-living this fantasy universe. 

What I'm watching: We're watching Sharp Objects and OMG you guys it's so intense and dark. I read the book several years ago and I only half remember what happens but it's so much darker to see this storyline than to read about it. It's very good though!

Best thing from the internet: I'm not usually a home/design TV show person but I saw this clip of an amazing NYC apartment where all of the kids got to design their own room. So they have a zip line and rock climbing wall and some other really fun adventure features that I would love even as an adult. 

Currently obsessed with: My Quay Australia sunglasses. I bought these about a year ago and wear them all the time but have been trying to give my other sunglasses some love (you know how that goes) but I always find myself coming back to these! I wasn't sure if I liked them on me at first but I am all in now. 

Weekend plans: One of my best friends is coming to stay with us this weekend! I am so excited because I haven't seen her since my wedding and she'll be our first house guest. We don't have any firm plans but will definitely be going out to some favorite restaurants and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. 

Have a great weekend!
xo Catherine 

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