Friday Day Dreams - March 1

March 1, 2019

This week's high: Definitely that we leave for Florida tomorrow! It hasn’t happened yet but knowing it’s coming has gotten me through multiple snowfalls this week. 

This week's low: Aforementioned snowfalls. Just kidding, I’ll be more original than that. My low this week was that my mom broke her wrist :( She's okay but still not good.

What I'm reading: Oh my gosh I feel like I’ve been tearing through books lately. I read both of the Famous in Love books this week and am on to our next book club pick: The Death of Mrs. Westaway

What I'm watching: This really wasn’t a big TV/movie week for us but I watched a few episodes of Suits, which I am verrrry slowly working my way through. 

Best thing from the internet: Elizabeth Holmes' So Many Thoughts Instagram stories. If you're not already following @eholmes what are you even doing with your life?! She is a journalist who loves the royals and has an extensive knowledge of the fashion world so her commentary on the media/fashion aspects of the royals is very well-informed. Whenever Meghan or Kate have an official engagement she writes a whole screen full of commentary and Thoughts that are fascinating and also hilarious. Every time there's a new royal engagement I can't wait for her to SMT it and there has been a lot of royal activity this week so I'm loving it!

Currently obsessed with: Essie’s Mrs. Always Right. My friend (hi Kara!) gave me this at my bachelorette party and I just rediscovered it. I typically only use Essie’s Gel Couture colors but wanted something different and reached for this one. It’s so pretty and would be the perfect color year-round. 

Weekend plans: Going to Naples! We leave tomorrow and I am beyond excited for sunshine, dresses and lots of reading.

Have a great weekend!
xo Catherine 

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