Friday Day Dreams - February 22

February 22, 2019

This week's high: Mark started a new job! I’m so excited for him and really hope that it’s a good fit. He’ll be working from home, which he’s excited about and I know Louie will be pumped to have a buddy with him all day 😊

This week's low: All of the snow. While I love snow, let’s just say I’m counting down the days until we go to Florida next weekend!

What I'm reading: I just finished An Anonymous Girl. I got my mom Book of the Month for Christmas and got to pick a free book for myself so this was my pick. It’s a thriller about a woman who finds herself a subject in a psychology study where the professor who’s running the study has dark, ulterior motives. 

What I'm watching: Mark and I are trying to finish up our list of Oscars movies but for TV we’re currently watching True Detective season 3 and so far so good!

Best thing from the internet: This is a few weeks old at this point but I loved this video of a corgi riding a horse😂

Currently obsessed with: Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel. I’ve been having a lot of issues with acne lately so I’ve been seeing a dermatologist who has me using retinol to help with the breakouts so my skin is verrrrry parched. I’m talking can’t put makeup on without it peeling. I was doing some research on drugstore extra hydrating moisturizers and came across this one. I’m only about a week into using it but it’s been super helpful so far!

Weekend plans: Tonight is my company holiday party (better late than never, right?) and then watching the Oscars on Sunday! No other plans as of now. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

xo Catherine 

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