What I Wore to Work for a Month

February 19, 2019

I'm so excited to introduce today's post because I've been preparing it for over a month! I kept feeling guilty that I wasn't shooting outfits for the blog but in the winter I tend to feel less inspired and am rarely in the mood to stand outside in 20 degree weather for photos😇Enter the mirror selfie. I documented what I wore to work every day for four weeks in the hopes of inspiring myself to get a bit more creative with my outfits this month. Along the way I learned that I basically only ever wear my hair down, I love my cognac booties, and that I gravitate towards a lot of red, black and camel in the winter months.

 A few things to note: 
1. To be totally transparent, I did rewear a few things to show that I do rewear my clothes, but because I was taking photos every day I definitely repeated less than I would have normally. 
2. It was dark most mornings/nights when I was taking photos so please excuse the poor overhead lighting.
3. On the days I was wearing flats, don't fret, I wore boots into the office and swapped shoes inside😊
4. I work at a very casual advertising agency so you'll notice that my outfits are pretty laid back. 

Anywho, I hope you enjoy this little peak into my daily life!what-i-wore-to-work-for-a-month
Middle: Similar black top. J. Crew vest is sold out but I saw some listings for it on Poshmark. Madewell jeansSplendid booties
Middle: Similar cashmere sweater. Tuckernuck scarf is sold out but Etsy has some really cool options. Similar Rag and Bone jeansSplendid booties.
Right: Similar button down. I couldn't find any similar pants but it's this style from Old Navy. Similar flats
Middle: Similar turtleneck. Tuckernuck scarf is sold out but Etsy has some really cool options. Madewell jeansSplendid booties.

I really enjoyed putting this together so I hope you liked it too. January is kind of the worst because it was freezing and I was already sick of my winter clothes so this was a great way to force me to mix it up and not reach for the same four sweaters all the time. I plan to do another version of this in the spring or summer to inspire myself to get creative when there are less layering possibilities. I'm looking forward to it!

xo Catherine 

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