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February 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday! I always love writing these posts because I could talk about books all day every day. I'm still getting caught up with sharing all of the books I read in the time I wasn't blogging so some of these are from several months ago. I'll get caught up eventually!

Born a Crime: We read this for my October book club and I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't have picked this up myself since I don't really follow Trevor Noah but it's enjoyable even if you don't know much about him. Trevor writes very beautifully (and comically) about growing up in South Africa and being of mixed race during and after apartheid. I'm ashamed to say I really didn't know all that much about apartheid other than it ended not that long ago so this book was very informative for me. He has so many hilarious anecdotes and I just overall really enjoyed reading his life story. Would I recommend: definitely! Like I said, even if you wouldn't consider yourself a Trevor Noah fan this book is excellent and you'll learn a lot from his firsthand account.

Standard Deviation: This book follows Graham, Audra and their son David in New York as they encounter new neighbors, origami-club members and doormen. Sounds kind of odd, right? I promise it's interesting! Graham had divorced his first wife to marry Audra and then his first wife comes back into the pictures so he can't help comparing them and questioning how he loved two women who were so different. Honestly, this is a book where not a whole lot happens plot-wise, the best parts of the book are just the random scenarios and all of the great character development. Would I recommend: yes. I didn't love this book but I really really liked it.

The Proposal: I had read The Wedding Date so I was very excited for this semi-sequel to come out! The Proposal is about Carlos (who is briefly in The Wedding Date) and Nik who meet at a Dodger's game after a guy who Nik is casually dating proposes to her on the Jumbotron...and she says no. Carlos and his sister rescue Nik from camera crews and then Nik and Carlos end up hitting it off. This is Reese's current book club pick, so if you like her taste you'll enjoy this book! You definitely don't have to have read The Wedding Date first but this does reference it a little bit. Would I recommend: yes! This was such a cute read —like a rom-com in book form.

Becoming: Oh my gosh you guys. I was so so so excited to read this and it did not disappoint. We read it for December book club and everyone loved it. Michelle is an amazing writer and I learned so much about her from this book. It follows her from her childhood on Chicago's south side all the way into the White House. I was actually really surprised at how a-political the book was. She was obviously surrounded by politics but she and Barack tried not to talk about work so the book is much more personal than political. Would I recommend: 1000x yes! Such a good read, especially the story of her and Barack's romancešŸ˜

From the Corner of the Oval: I followed up one political memoir with another. This is written by Beck Dorey-Stein who was a stenographer for the White House during the Obama presidency. It was a really interesting look into what it's like to be a White House employee, i.e. all of the protocol, travel, etc. that is part of that lifestyle. The book reads like fiction even though it's her actual life because it's pretty juicy. I wouldn't say it's salacious, but she does write about everyone very candidly, including the affair she had on and off with another staffer. Would I recommend: yes, if you're into politics. I thought the author was kind of immature and wanted to tell her to stop making stupid choices a lot but it was a fascinating read.

One Day in December: I'm sure you've heard of this book since it was Reese's December book club pick but I'm going to tell you about it here too! This is another rom-com, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Laurie makes eye contact with Jack from the top of a double decker bus one night and she swears that there was a connection between them. She spends the next year looking for the mysterious "bus boy" and just when she's about to give up, her best friend brings home her new boyfriend who just happens to be...bus boy. The book follows Jack and Laurie's relationships, friendships and achievements over the next ten years as their lives overlap. Even though it starts around Christmas, I wouldn't call it a holiday book and it can be read at any time. Would I recommend: yes. It was very cute, slightly predictable, but that's just what I'm looking for when I read this genre. 

Have you read any of these books? Would love to know what you thought!
xo Catherine 

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