Friday Day Dreams - February 8

February 8, 2019

I completely spaced on last week's Friday Day Dreams because it was nuts at work and I honestly just lost track of time. It wasn't until Saturday that I realized it had slipped my mind, that's how much of a week it was. Oh well, lot's to fill you in on today then since it's been two weeks!

This week's high: Our Hewing Hotel staycation last weekend. Not sure if it counts as this week since it was last weekend, but this is my blog and I make the rules, so let's say it does! My in-laws gifted us a night at the Hewing in Minneapolis for Christmas and it was so delightful. We got massages, used their rooftop hot tub, ate some delicious pizza, slept soundly in our gorgeous room and had a delicious brunch. I'd highly recommend the Hewing both for a hotel but also their bar and restaurant are v. good. 

This week's low: Cooking. Mark and I both really dislike cooking but it's obviously a necessity. For some reason the disdain we feel for this task was worse than normal this week and so every night was a struggle. 

What I'm reading: Ghosted. I just started this book this week and am liking it so far! Everyone said it takes a while to get into, but I haven't found that to be the case yet. 

What I'm watching: The Good Place. I finished Schitt's Creek this week and needed another comedy to fill the void. I've tried watching The Good Place before and wasn't that into it but I'm giving it another shot!

Best thing from the internet: I wasn't familiar with Seth Meyers' This is the Kind of Story We Need Right Now segment but saw this video going around this week. It's about a guy who got invited to a random bachelor party and went to it even though he didn't know anyone. It was definitely what I needed to see this week😂

Currently obsessed with: My new cordless vacuum. Hear me out. I am not what you'd call a neat freak 😇 I like things to be put away but when it comes to actually vacuuming, sanitizing, etc., I'm not great. Enter this cordless vacuum that I'm so excited about. We were in desperate need of a new vacuum and I wanted one of the Dyson ones but wasn't willing to shell out $400. This one is a great dupe and had good reviews on Amazon. So far I really love it and that cordless life is so freeing!

Weekend plans: It's going to be a busy weekend. We're going out to a concert at a jazz club tonight and then tomorrow is my cousin's baby shower at my mom's house. After that my sister, mom and I plan to spend the day together, which I'm very excited about. Sunday will then be spent relaxing because three days of plans in a row would just be too much 😉

I hope you have an amazing weekend!
xo Catherine 

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