November 12, 2012

Today in Minneapolis we got a sneak preview of winter! 25 degrees and flurries all day had me thinking about some of my favorite things to do in the winter. I love to go to Target and scope out which artists recorded new Christmas CD's and then figure out which songs I like best. Last year I discovered a new favorite thing to do during winter. My roommate and I went to the Barnes and Noble on Nicollet and went up to the second floor with our Starbucks on a snowy night. We sat in the chairs by the windows and watched it snow while we read magazines; it was so peaceful! Being on campus for the first snow of the year is always fun for me. There are students who come from all over the country/world to go to school way up here in Minnesota, so on the day that it snows for the first time I like to watch people's reactions and see if I can guess who is experiencing snow/winter for the first time. Lastly, when I'm at home, my sister and I take our dog Dori out on the frozen pond in our backyard. It's too funny to watch her run around and chase after sticks and then not be able to stop when she tries to pick them up. Slightly evil, but hilarious nonetheless!

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