November 24, 2012

Well Black Friday came and went and I have seven new tops to show for it. We are by no means hard core about Black Friday shopping. We went at midnight just so we wouldn't have to wake up early, then again when we woke up to the stores that didn't open at midnight. I've found that clothing stores are not crazy busy like department stores, and that's all I shop for. So here are a few of my finds!
All three tops are from Gap. The red sweater is a cozy sweatshirt material for $26.97, the striped sweater is so comfortable and my favorite style: slouchy for $26.97! Finally the green henley is super comfortable and what my sister and I call a "normal person shirt" for $18.36.
These two tops are both from Banana Republic. The maroon cowl-neck, cable-knit has the potential to be my new favorite sweater. It was $53.70 and a dream come true since I'd been searching for a good cable-knit and it was just a bonus that it was a cowl neck! The righthand top is kind of hard to see since it's black but it's a lace shell and absolutely adorable for $41.70.
I was so excited when I found this lace peplum top at Loft for $34.75. I was searching for simple pullover sweaters because I have a massive amount of cardigans (27!!) that require a shirt such as this to wear underneath. Therefore I want more tops that are an outfit within themselves so I don't always have to worry about putting together an outfit. As you can see I partially succeeded in buying pullovers but slipped with the two shells :)

One other thing I noticed during Black Friday shopping was that ponchos are back in style...again I must ask, why?!

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