November 14, 2012

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching I find myself buried in midterms and projects that professors are trying to fit in before break. With all of these deadlines coming at me in a whirlwind I am overwhelmed with stress and decided to compose a list of fun things that help me de-stress.

1. Plan something to look forward to. After some of my midterms I'm having lunch with my mom, who always makes me feel better. Then on Saturday my roommates and I are going to check out a new exhibit at the Minneapolis Art Institute which I cannot wait for! The anticipation makes all of the anxiety semi-worthwhile.
2. Vent. I know I shouldn't be condoning complaining but seriously, sometimes it just feels so good. Let a good friend know that you need to complain and allow five minutes to just get it all off your chest. Also, sometimes nothing feels better than empathy.
3. Sleep. I know, I know don't ignore your problems, but if you're well rested it makes the massive amount of studying ahead of you seem so much more accomplishable.
4. Prioritize and take things one day at a time. So often I find myself stressing about a test next week when I really need to focus on the one I have tomorrow! Making lists always helps me and makes a week's worth of projects, papers and midterms more manageable.
5. This may just be me, but listen to Christmas music to de-stress. I know my mom will be horrified when she reads this but the season is right around the corner and it relaxes me!

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