May 22, 2013

Forgive me for not posting recently! This week I started classes (sigh) and my internship and so I've been crazy busy. I am now a Junior Researcher at GDR Creative Intelligence here in London. On top of getting acclimated to living in a new, and very busy city, I'm trying to get back into going to school and working. I've been done with spring semester for a week and I've already mentally checked out, so starting classes this week was rough to say the least. Then, on top of all that I've been stressing out about planning weekend trips--which shouldn't be stressful, right? It should be fun planning weekend getaways to various European locations, but alas, it's proving to be a challenge. 

Anyways...I'm here today to tell you lovely people about a little place here in the UK called Primark. It's essentially Forever21 x10. It's F21's department store sister. Not only are there floors of clothes, shoes and accessories, but there's also a home section with towels and decorations! Nothing is over 20 pounds (holla!) Naturally, I've already been there twice. Here are a few of the purchases I've made in my two trips.

I love love love stripes and anything nautical, so I couldn't pass up this slouchy bag!

Cute greige heels.

I needed a black blazer to wear for my internship interview. Primark is great for basics!

I love me some stripes, but my polka dot collection continues to grow with this blouse.

It's hard to tell, but this is a blush color. 

Primark is great, but similarly to F21 it's soo overwhelming. You definitely need to be in the mood to shop, especially since it's packed with tourists. If you're ever in London, I would seriously recommend checking this gem out! The shopping in London is to die for (obviously) I can't wait to hit up Zara and Topshop (which we don't have in Minneapolis)!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I won't go so long again without posting. 

xo Catherine

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