The Thing About London Is...

May 17, 2013

I'm thinking this may become a series, because I will continually learn things about London/Londoners during my next six weeks here. However, here are some of the things I have learned/observed thus far:

1. All the men (okay not all, but the vast majority) are immaculately dressed. I'm talking put together, stylish, and well groomed. I appreciate this.
2. I cannot figure out what side of the sidewalk to walk on. In the States we walk on the right, and we drive on the does that mean that I should walk on the left side here? As far as I'm concerned it's a free-for-all, because I haven't seen consistency anywhere! 
3. Even their fast food restaurants are classier than in the U.S. 
4. Londoners don winter-wear even later in the year than Minnesotans. I've seen multiple pairs of Uggs, winter jackets, hats and leather boots.
5. Advertisements are much larger, and displayed in different places than in the States. For example, here I've seen a giant Beyonce H&M ad on the side of a corporate building. 
6. The women are so stylish--I love it.
7. I can function on my own in a large city. Today I rode the tube from school to my flat (which includes transferring once, I'll have you know) alone and with no problems. I also went on a few errands alone...okay, okay, they were only places in my neighborhood. Baby steps. 

While I'm far from being a master of London, I'm getting more comfortable every day!

xo Catherine

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