Men React: Denim on Denim

August 22, 2013

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I am so so excited to announce a brand new series called: Men React! I always find myself asking my boyfriend what he thinks of certain trends. Does he like them, why or why not etc? It's so interesting to me to see what I love that men find ridiculous. So I decided to put together a panel of around 40 men ranging from 20-30 years old (thank you again guys!) to poll weekly about current trends. This week's trend is denim on denim. I sent the above pictures to my Men React Panel to see how they feel about the not-so-new trend!

Matt, 22, said of the trend, "Denim is pretty classic; everyone loves denim. These girls look great, but really laid back and casual at the same time--the kind of girl I would want to meet."

Mark, 21, responded, "Denim on Denim? I am indifferent. However, I am a fan of a good pair of daisy dukes."

So there you have it ladies, straight from the men themselves! I'm glad that these guys approve, because this is a frequent go-to look of mine! Be sure to check back next week to find out what the Men React Panel think of the next trend!

I would love some ideas for trends to poll the men about! Let me know what you're curious about either in a comment below, or email me at

xo Catherine

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  1. I'm actually wearing denim on denim today! ;) Not surprised men like it because it's super casual! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by Pursuit.

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