Men React: Leather Skinny Jeans

August 29, 2013

Happy Thursday! It's week two of the Men React series. This week I polled my panel about leather skinny jeans, seeing as leather is going to be all over the place this fall. Let's see what they thought!

Image: 1/2

"I don't really have anything against them, they just look really hot and uncomfortable." - Matt, 22

"I like them because they show attitude, and I like attitude. I recently bought my wife a pair." - Ryan, 29

"If I saw a girl walking around campus wearing these I would be confused. However, if I saw a girl at a club wearing them it would seem more reasonable and I would probably like them. I don't think very many girls could pull these off though." - Luke, 21

"I like them but it takes the right body to pull it off -- you know what I mean!" - Matt, 26

Overall, guys like this look:

Be sure to check back next week to see what the Men React Panel thinks of the next trend! Feel free to let me know if there's any trend you'd like to see the panel polled on!

xo Catherine

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