New England Weekend

August 5, 2013

Well it's a new week and I'm back at it, blogging again. I just returned from a perfect weekend in New England (mostly Massachusetts) for my cousin's wedding. My summer of travel is officially over, all of my trips have come and gone. Now it's time to enjoy what's left of summer in my beloved Minneapolis. Here are some, okay a lot of, pictures from the weekend, I have officially decided that I love New England and would like to live there some day!

Church where the wedding took place.

Beautiful location for the reception.

Some cousin love.

The beautiful couple. 

Plum Island beach in Massachusetts.

It reminded me of North Carolina.

Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Gorgeous coastline in Kennebunkport, Maine--where the Bushes have their home. 

We spent a couple of hours actually in the city of Boston (we were there two summers ago). Here is the Boston Commonwealth.

It was a beautiful weekend with my Fabulous family, but I am so so excited to stay in one place for the foreseeable future! 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

xo Catherine

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