Weekend Recap

August 12, 2013

Good morning, hope you had a wonderful weekend! My family and I went up to our cabin for the weekend. It was very serene and nostalgic. I used to go there every summer, but hadn't been in nearly three years. Here are a few pics from the weekend, but first off--let me just tell you that when I say 'cabin' that I do mean a real, live cabin. None of this lake home business. 

I love shopping, picking out outfits, and getting dressed up just as much as the next girl, (okay, probably more than the next girl) but sometimes there is nothing better than not having to fuss with makeup and hairspray and ironing. This weekend was free of all of those things: makeup, hairspray and ironing! I haven't curled my hair in four days! 

Well, now it's back to reality and with it necessity of looking presentable!

Thanks for stopping by,

xo Catherine

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