Best Trends of 2013

December 27, 2013

Continuing on with the Best of 2013 theme, today I'm sharing my favorite trends from this year. There were quite a few fashion boundaries pushed in 2013, from the reappearance of overalls to leather pants. Let's rehash, shall we?

1. Faux fur. 
This trend is so chic, and not to mention très fabulous! It's definitely not for everyone, but if you want to channel your inner fabulous, look no further. This trend is the perfect example of 2013's fashion boundaries being done away with. I got a fur leopard coat for Christmas that I can't wait to share!

2. Black and white.
It's hard to call this a "trend" per se, because this color combo is such a classic. However, this dynamic duo was everywhere in 2013. 

3. Dressed up graphic t-shirts.
I love how laid back, but effortlessly chic this trend is. 

4. Leather pants.
While I can't actually afford real leather pants, I'm still majorly loving this trend. I know it's not for everyone (men haven't quite decided how they feel about it), but I think it's such a fun look than anyone could try. I especially love them with something less edgy, like a chunky sweater. 

5. Wide-brimmed fedoras.
I'm obsessed with Julia's hat in the above picture and am still on the hunt for a more budget friendly version. This style is such a fabulous way to hide bed head or unwashed hair.

6. Plaid/Tartan.
I can't get enough of the plaid trend. I'm not in favor of all of the '90's trends being resurrected (overalls) but I hope this one sticks around.

7. Capes.
If you read last year's post recapping 2012, then you'll know that once upon a time I did not care for capes (okay, okay, I even made an Ugly Betty reference). It's safe to say that this trend has grown on me. 

8. Statement necklaces.
I know that the statement necklace first appeared before 2013, but boy did it have its coming of age this year.

2013 was a fun and daring year for fashion and I can't wait to see what trends 2014 will bring with it! Be sure to check out my favorite movies of 2013.

xo Catherine

P.S. on an unrelated note, if any of you are interested in Hunter rain boots, they're having a very rare sale right now! Check it out.

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