What Christmas Means to Me

December 9, 2013

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The holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year (isn't it everyone's?) and so I thought I would share What Christmas Means to Me

Burning cinnamon scented candles.
Making my grandma's gingerbread cookies. 
Twinkle lights everywhere!
Mark coming home from California for almost a month :)
Wearing sparkly everything. 
Eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning with my family.
Setting up our little snow village when we decorate the house. 
Listening to Christmas music basically nonstop for a month. 
Saying "maranatha" when we light the Advent candles.
Basically pulling teeth to get Mark to go with me to the Holidazzle.
Eating gumdrops off of my grandparent's tree. 
Wearing matching snowmen skiing on candy cane PJ's with my mom.
Having a fire and watching a movie with my family. 

xo Catherine 

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