Fabulous Finds

May 16, 2014

1. Ellen just bought this dress for her graduation on Sunday and I'm obsessed. It's so cute and springy!
2. May or may not have just bought these 0:)
3. Love these Baublebar pretties.
4. Target is seriously killing it in the handbag department right now.
6. I love any and all tortoise sunglasses, and these are no exception.
6. Loving this lilac ("lilacism") shade for spring!

This weekend will take place in three parts: 1. Study for last (and only) final 2. Take said final 3. Celebrate. I can't believe that after Saturday, I will be a senior! And after Sunday, Ellen won't be a college student anymore. That sh*t cray. 

Hope you have something fun planned!
xo Catherine 

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