Striped Shift

May 21, 2014

(I can't believe how blonde my hair looks in these pictures! No idea where that came from...) Dress: Target. Sandals: Target. Hat: Parc Boutique. Purse: Kate Spade (old, similar). Necklaces: J. Crew (similar), J. Crew Factory. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

You can't go wrong with a striped shift dress. Every girl should have one; they're so classic and versatile. What I love about this one in particular: it's not too short (as shifts tend to be #helloawkward), and I wore this all day and it didn't wrinkle at all! That's one of my least favorite things about spring/summer clothing...they tend to be made out of materials that wrinkle easily. You should know, I'm a hardcore ironer, so wrinkles drive me insane #analretentive.  

P.S. tomorrow I'll be heading to Chicago for a fun little weekend trip! Be sure to follow along.

xo Catherine 


  1. Cute Dress! I hope it's still at Target!


  2. This is a TARGET dress?! NO WAY! Looks Banana Republic or JCrew or something haha! Love it! And these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I KNOW! I was so excited. I had so many people ask if it was J Crew!

  3. Love that dress! Looks great on you!
    Just discovered your blog and I love your style!
    Now following you!! :)

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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