May 29, 2014

T-shirt: Old Navy. Kimono pants: J. Crew. Shoes: Old Navy. Purse: Topshop (old, can't find anything similar). Necklaces: J. Crew Factory, Sisu, J.B. Hudson. 

#sorrynotsorry about the repeated background from yesterday's's too pretty to not take advantage of! 

Now, on to a few random things about this outfit:
-I realize that I basically wear my hair the same way in every outfit post, but I honestly wear my hair the exact same way every day (#changeishard). I only put my hair up if I'm having a bad hair day, like I was this day. Yay humidity!
-I love the kimono pants trend so much. I couldn't pass up these beauties because I love the pattern, and they are so. freaking. comfortable. Hooray for basically wearing PJs in public while looking chic! I do however think that I will look back on this outfit in a couple years (maybe not even that many) and think how did I ever think those were cute?! But alas, that's what happens with trendy items. 
-I just bought MAC lipstick last weekend (I know, I know #latetotheparty) and I finally get why everyone is obsessed with it. I always prefer matte lipsticks, and this one is so good. My criteria for the perfect lipstick is something that stays on all day, but comes off when I wash my face. Check and check!

In other news, it's almost Friday!

xo Catherine 

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