Travel Diary: Chicago

May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a restful and sunny long weekend. I spent mine eating, museum going, and shopping my way through Chicago. Here are a few snapshots:

Views from an architectural boat tour. 

One of the many Monets at the Chicago Art Institute. 

View from the top of the John Hancock--looking tropical!

We had absolutely perfect weather all weekend. Chicago in May = gorgeous!

Red velvet "wonuts" (waffle donuts) from Waffle Cafe. You all know how much I love a good donut, so it's always fun to try the latest and greatest within the donut community ;)

The whole city was in bloom, there were tulips everywhere!

We rented bikes and biked along Lake Michigan. It was so much fun, and this view was ah-mazing.

People watching on Michigan Ave.

A few other highlights: 
-Seeing Motown the Musical. The music was so good. 
-Seeing the Obamas house.
-Seeing one of the Apollo rockets that landed on the moon at the museum of science and industry. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a new outfit post, and if you haven't already, be sure to enter the ASOS giveaway!

xo Catherine 


  1. Great photos and the waffles look delish!

  2. Thanks Hollyn! They were really good!

  3. this is so lovely! we have been to chicago three times, but always in january! so we haven't done any of this stuff! i think were returning at the end of june so i will have to remember that waffle cafe ;)

    1. You definitely should! It's on ohio off of Michigan Ave!

  4. These pictures are great!

    You should checkout Chicago's new iphone app called 312Go. It's a "Smart Guide" which means it tracks your location and then the guides talk to you..sharing history and stories about the places you pass and sights that you see.

    Here's a video simulation:

    As you can see in the video, just start the app and the guides and technology will take care of the rest..


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