Cashmere at the Beach

September 14, 2015

Sweater: Nordstrom. Tank top: Topshop. Jeans: Gap. Watch: Cartier. Necklace: J.B. Hudson. 

I wore this outfit on Saturday when we went up to Half Moon Bay to celebrate our anniversary. At first it was weird to be at the beach when it wasn't warm or sunny, but that's how it is in Northern California. I kind of love it because it feels like fall :) anyways, we had a nice time walking along the water and eating at Miramar Beach Restaurant, which is right on the beach. We had hoped to watch the sunset, but it was too cloudy. As for this sweater, it's amazing. It might not be the most flattering, but it is actually the softest thing you will ever feel. Now, today I'm off to my first day of work - ah! Wish me luck!

xo Catherine

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