7 Things I want to Do in California

January 13, 2017

With the new year I have an invigorated desire to explore more of the state we call home. I feel like we've done a pretty good job of getting out to see some of California's beauty (Sonoma, Yosemite, Tahoe), but we've fallen off the wagon as of late. So I'm going to (virtually) write down the things I still want to do so I can commit to making it happen!

1. Big Sur. Ugh, you guys I want to go here so bad. Everyone keeps exclaiming (yes, exclaiming) to me how I need to go but it's at kind of an awkward distance from us. The drive would be about two and a half hours, which isn't terrible, but doing that both ways in one day is kind of a lot. But it also doesn't feel like enough of a distance to stay overnight. Excuses, excuses, I know.

2. Go to the beach more. We're homebodies so we can pretty much always talk ourselves into staying in instead of venturing out. No more! We're only 45 minutes away (without traffic) from the ocean, I don't want to take that for granted. I did not grow up around the ocean so I need to take advantage!

3. Capitola. Another beach town that I've seen pictures of, like the one above, and have wanted to visit (if only for the 'Gram ;)) but have never gotten around to it. I mean, just look at those buildings!

4. LA. I went for a day when I was 12, so I'm thinking it's time to go back as an adult when I can appreciate the food and celebrities so much more ;)

5. Santa Barbara. SB sounds so so dreamy and I have visions of Mark and I staying at a cute little B&B here some day!

6. Napa. I went to Sonoma in October 2015 so now I've got to even the score and explore Napa! I'm actually leaning towards Napa for my bachelorette, so I'm really crossing my fingers that I can get this one checked off this year!

7. Try to enjoy the weather. Yes, you read that right😂I may be the only person here who doesn't love the constant sunshine. I actually write this amidst a week of straight rain, but during the spring and summer the weather is the same every day. I find that to be quite boring. However, right now it's much warmer here than a lot of other parts of the country and I know a ton of people would like to trade, so I need to embrace it!

I would love your favorite California recommendations if you have any! 

xo Catherine 

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