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January 23, 2017

I realized that I've never shared photos on here of our apartment because it's never felt "finished." I kind of gave up on decorating half way through and then figured since we didn't know if we'd be staying here another year it wasn't worth putting in the effort. Well now we've decided to stay another year so my desire to finish decorating has been reinvigorated. Today I'm sharing photos of the way the apartment currently looks (if not just to document what it's looked like for a whole year) and what updates I'd like to make. Some of these photos aren't the prettiest or Insta worthy, but that's real life folks.

This is a view of what our apartment looks like from when you walk in on one end. The dining area flows right into the living room. 
Therefore, I'd love to add a rug under the dining table to make it feel like its own space. I'm not sure if a rug on top of carpet would be weird, but I think it would make it feel more finished. Here are some options I love:

Next up would be adding a large piece of art of the couch. I actually wouldn't mind a new couch either, but we can save that for later. We have vaulted ceilings so this wall has always felt so empty to me since it's extra tall. I've struggled to find something that is big enough but isn't outrageously expensive, which is why I never ended up purchasing something in the past. Here are a couple options I'm loving though:

The last thing in our living room I'd love to do is clean up this corner. It's always just kind of looked weird to me. I've moved that side table from that side of the chair to the other and I'm not sure what I like best. Then there's Louie's iFetch that's been banished to the corner because he couldn't learn to use itšŸ˜‚should be a pretty easy fix.

Now, let's move on to the bedroom! 
I put these nesting boxes here when we moved in with the idea it would be temporary and that I'd buy some sort of organization unit to put all of this stuff in. Well 12 months later and the boxes are still there and they've become my "chair." 
There's enough room on my side of the bed to put a little bench that has storage inside so I could put all of my box stuff in there and all of the random things that need tailoring, need to be returned, or just don't have a home can go on top of the bench!

And the last thing is just fixing this whole wall! This is what our bed faces and it's a mess. I'd love to get a larger dresser, particularly one that you can't see through to all of our holiday decorations! Then I'd like to get a cuter planter. We had this palm tree in our living room but I moved it into our bedroom after it got all brown and sad looking. Maybe I'll opt for a fake plant next time :)
I'll keep you guys updated if I actually get my butt in gear and make some of these changes!

Hope your week gets off on the right foot!
xo Catherine


  1. rug on top of carpet is definitely a thing, and it was actually what i was going to recommend in the living room. but it looks like it might be too close to the fireplace. love seeing into people's homes!


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