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January 11, 2017

As you may know by now, I'm not a huge beauty person, but I do enjoy trying out new products from time to time. Because I use so few products the ones that stick around have to be the best. I feel like I've been on a bit of a beauty kick lately though because I've just tried all of these products for the first time within the last few months. All six of items are equally amazing and will definitely be sticking around!

First up is the NYX Dark Circle Concealer. I've been on the hunt for the best under eye concealer for years and while I still don't feel like I've found it, this stuff definitely helps! It's hard to tell but it's a salmon color, which juxtaposes with the purple of under eye bags therefore "color correcting." Remember all those crazy videos of people using their coral lipstick under their eyes? That has the same effect. Anyways, you use this as a base and then put your regular under eye concealer on top. I'm currently using Too Face's Born This Way concealer and it's pretty good, but it does crease :( if you have an excellent under eye concealer let a girl know!
Have you heard of micellar water? I hadn't either until a month or two ago. Basically it's a makeup remover, face wash and moisturizer all in one. It's oil free, which I really like and this one by Garnier took off my lipstick in one swipe #holla. I haven't tried it as a face wash or moisturizer but it supposedly doesn't dry out your face. You can read all about its benefits here
Grace is one of my absolute favorite bloggers and I trust her opinions on beauty products so I had to try out L'Oreal's Pure Clay masks after she recommended them. I'm really wanting to up my skincare game with the wedding and whatnot so I'm trying to mask a couple times a week. My favorite is the charcoal one because you can see it sucking out the impurities, so you really feel like you can see it working!
I'm not really loyal to any one mascara, I typically switch it up every couple months but usually stick to Covergirl since it's relatively cheap. Well last month I bought Covergirl's Clump Crusher when my other mascara ran out and it is a game. changer. Its name is 100% accurate - no clumps! Even after multiple coats it just really lengthens your lashes without clumping. When I'm wanting a little extra volume I'll use L'Oreal's Double Extend primer too. So I just use the white end and then put the Clump Crusher on top! Here's a look at the half-moon shaped wand:
Next up is another recommendation from a favorite blogger: Kari Gran's lip whip. Victoria recommended it a couple months ago and so I immediately added it to my Christmas list and was so excited when I opened it up! It's a really moisturizing lip balm that doesn't make your lips feel as cakey as vaseline. Do you know what I mean? I love vaseline but it always makes me feel like there's a huge layer of gunk on my lips. Kari Gran's lip whip is really light and stays on for hours, which is a plus. You can read Victoria's review here to learn more about the brand. I got it in peppermint, but it comes in other flavors and even has tinted versions too! Gimme gimme. 
And I've saved the best for last, folks! Neulash is totally worth all the hype. If you read many blogs or keep up with the beauty world you've probably heard of it. It's similar to Latisse as it's a serum for growing longer, thicker lashes. It takes several weeks before you see results, so you have to go into it knowing that and try not to be disappointed. Then, for me at about week six it was like I woke up one day with someone else's lashes and now they just keep getting better and better! I had pretty sad lashes to begin with, so I'm very excited to see how much thicker and longer they are. Then when I add the primer and Clump Crusher mentioned above they look so long! Pro tip: Overstock sells Neulash for way cheaper than anywhere else! 

And in typical Louie fashion, he just couldn't be excluded from the fun, so here are a few pictures of him being very curious while I was shooting these pictures:
Happy Wednesday!
xo Catherine

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