Valentine's Appropriate Outfit

January 30, 2017

Hard to believe Valentine's Day is only two weeks away, but it's time to start planning all of the red and pink ensembles! I know I've said it before but I'm always in the camp of being literal when it comes to dressing for holidays. I love wearing the traditional holiday colors! So I piled on all of the pink and added a few touches of burgundy for this V-Day appropriate look. Mark and I don't typically do anything for Valentine's Day other than maybe make a nice dinner at home. 

Shoes: Target. Dress: Ann Taylor (similar). Cardigan: Halogen via Nordstrom (similar). Clutch: Gap (similar). Earrings: Baublebar

This weekend was a busy one! I spent most of Saturday up in San Francisco catching up with a friend and then yesterday I got a much needed haircut and then Mark and I started registering. Oh man is it overwhelming. It's so hard to try and pick out things for a future home that we don't have yet. We're just trying to stick with neutrals so that it will go with any potential home. It's also hard to think about what kind of life we'll be leading five, ten years from how. For example, right now we have no use for fine china, but will we want it in ten years when we have a family and want to host Christmas? So hard to know! If you have any tips for registering, I'd love to know!

Now, I know you come here to see pretty pictures, but I also feel like I have to say something because my heart is breaking for our country right now. Things are not okay and I know I'm not alone in feeling helpless and confused and upset. I found this article on how to stay outraged without burning out and going crazy to be very insightful. If you're feeling like you want to do something but aren't sure what I would suggest signing up for the Women's March 10 Actions in 100 Days. They'll email you a new action every ten days that you can do to make a difference. The first one was to write a letter to your legislators which I did last week and it felt good to feel like I'm taking action, however small that is. 

Hope your week starts off well and I won't judge you if you can't even watch the news right now because I kind of want to take a break from it too.

xo Catherine 

Fun fact: I had braces from 7th-8th grade because I had an overbite and a quarter-sized gap between my front teeth. Thankfully I didn't have them for very long but I still have my permanent retainer to this day! I've found that most people don't do that, but I'm so used to it and like that I don't have to worry about remembering to wear my retainer at night.

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