My "Cool" Shoes

March 1, 2017

I call these my "cool" shoes because I feel quite cool when I wear them, and that's not a word I use to describe myself very often! Gotta love when your accessories elevate your status ;)

Shoes: Mossimo via Target. Pants: Old Navy (similar). Blazer: Old Navy (similar). Turtleneck: Ann Taylor (similar). Purse: Coach (similar). Earrings: BaubleBar. Sunglasses: RayBan

This outfit is a great example of luxe fabrics and textures making an outfit seem more expensive. The most expensive thing I'm wearing here (besides accessories) is the turtleneck that cost maybe $40! The gold jacquard and the velvet paired together make it look so much more expensive than the $25 that I paid total for the blazer and trousers. That's a win, folks.

How's your week shaping up? Mark is sick so we're keeping things pretty low key over here, but honestly that's the way we like it!

xo Catherine

Fun fact: I can't really stay up late anymore. Ever since I started working full time a couple years ago I've been going to bed earlier and earlier. I'm a total grump if I don't get my 8 hours and I prefer to get into the office on the early side (8 AM, which is early for California) so I can leave earlier. So all of this has me going to bed usually by 10PM every night. Mark used to lament about how lame I was, but I think he loves it now because he gets more sleep too! So even on the weekends I pretty much can't function after 11. Friday nights especially since I got up early for work I will usually be in bed by 11 because #partyanimal

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