Things I Like Vol. 25

September 27, 2017

Woof. This has been a week so far. I've been starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by wedding stuff and there was some frustrating things at work and volleyball this week. I'm so ready for the weekend. Just gotta get through it. I'm cheering myself up (and hopefully you too) with this week's Thing I Like!

1. 8 things you're spending too much money on. Thankfully I don't fall prey to many of these things but there are a couple that are vices of mine (ahem, trendy clothes).

2. In case you haven't heard, Shopbop is having one of their awesome buy more save more sales! It's the perfect time to stock up for fall. 

3. These passive aggressive work emails are hilarious. I've been having a ton of conversations lately about the politics and intricacies of workplace emails so this was particularly relevant. 

4. Teens try '90's hair tools. I wanted all of these but someone (my mom, hi mom!) wouldn't let me get most of them. I did, however have the snappy thing that makes a bun but I could never master it quite like the infomercials😂

5. Street style outfits you can actually recreate. Anyone else always intimidated by all of the outfits they see during fashion week? A lot of these are still out of my comfort zone but it's a fun read. 

6. For all my Venmo users: common Venmo emojis decoded. So good.

Well I feel better already, and ready to zip through the rest of the week ;) thanks for stopping by!

xo Catherine

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