Recent Reads Vol. 14

February 9, 2018

I've got some good books to share today! I received a Book of the Month subscription for Christmas which I have been loving so far. Between that and getting free books at work I've been reading more physical books than I had in a long time. To be honest it felt so weird to actually turn pages again lol. Any who, here's what's been keeping me entertained on my commute to and from work as of late!

Secrets in Summer. I'd never heard of Nancy Thayer before but have since read three of her books. They all take place on Nantucket and are pretty good book junk food. You know what I'm talking about! It's like potato chips for your brain when you just need an escape and don't want to try too hard. I also read two of her Christmas books over the holidays and they were sooo bad (in the best way) that I'm not including them. Basically they were Hallmark Christmas movies in book form. Okay, back to Secrets in Summer, which I've already said is set on Nantucket over the summer when everyone visits the island and rents houses. Darcy lives on Nantucket year-round but is surrounded by vacation homes that fill up during the summer. Then one summer she befriends a few of the women that are her seasonal neighbors. Connections between their lives are revealed and secrets come to light. Would I recommend: yes as a wonderful respite or beach read. If you have a spring break trip planned this one is perfect! It will make you wont for warmer weather. 

He Said/She Said. Kit and Laura are college sweethearts and also eclipse chasers. (Don't worry, I also did not know that was a thing.) They find themselves at an eclipse festival in Cornwall and witness a crime but the man denies any wrongdoing so it becomes a case of he said/she said. The case goes to trial and they end up having to testify. Later the victim shows up at their house and they form a weird friendship with her. The story jumps around in time from the crime in 1999 to present day when Kit and Laura have had to change their names and live off of the digital grid. Something terrible happened that led to their hiding but we don't know what it is. Everyone has secrets and they all start to come out 15 years after the crime. Would I recommend: definitely. I could not wait to find out what happened!

The Woman in the Window. This is the book to read right now. I'm so excited I was able to read it so quickly with my Book of the Month subscription. Normally I rent books form the library and end up reading the popular ones a year after they were popular. Any who this is basically a mash up of Girl on the Train and Rear Window. Anna is the main character and she suffers from agoraphobia so she doesn't leave her house. She spends all day drinking and spying on her neighbors. When a new family moves into one of the homes across the street she sees something sinister. Because of the alcohol and pills she takes for her illness she doesn't know if it really happened or not but she sets out to find out. Would I recommend: yes but you pretty much hate everyone. You feel bad for Anna but want to shake some sense into her the whole time. That did not stop me from devouring this book though. There were so many twists and turns I didn't see coming. 

Mrs. I got this book for free at work and don't know if I would have picked it up otherwise. It reminded me of the show Billions if you're familiar. It's set in Manhattan on the Upper East Side right after the financial crisis and focuses on several different families whose children attend a very elite preschool. Their lives are all entangled from childhood friendships, college acquaintances and business dealings. Illegal business deals are done and conflicts of interest arise when one of the husbands has to investigate some of the other husbands from this preschool. Would I recommend: meh. I didn't think there was anything special or unique about this book and you also kind of hate everyone but at the very end I was really curious to find out what happens. Don't think it was worth the first 90% of the book though. 

That's it for this installment! If you want more book reviews you can find other Recent Reads posts here. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
xo Catherine 

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