Things I Like Vol. 43

February 28, 2018

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! We got in late Sunday night from Minnesota so it's been kind of a weird week. We were home for my cousin's wedding and it was so much fun. It snowed six inches that day which was pretty magical. It always feels so good to be home surrounded by friends and family. Sometimes we feel pretty isolated out here in California without any family nearby, so I'm feeling reenergized after such a fun weekend! 

1. Did you see the NYT article that was floating around last week about why yoga pants are bad for women? It was pretty outrageous and I loved Grace's response to it

2. Yelp just released the 100 best places to eat in America based on their reviews. Did any of your favorite places make the cut?

3. Ellen DeGeneres is just the best. Loved this video where she surprised Jimmy Kimmel

4. Shopbop is having one of their buy more save more sales and here are several items (mostly shoes and bags) I'm eyeing:

5. I'm sad that the Olympics are over because we spent the last two weeks watching them basically every night. What do we watch now?! This roundup of athletes realizing they won is adorable and really moving.

Hope the rest of your week flies by!
xo Catherine 

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