Things I Like Vol. 41

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you celebrate? Mark and I will be staying in and making one of our HelloFresh dinners with a little champagne to jazz it up. I will also be taking the opportunity to pull out all of my pink and red! Whether you celebrate or not hopefully you can enjoy some chocolate ;)

1. This family of seven (!!) live in a renovated school bus. The renovation is adorable and efficient but I can't imagine cramming that many people into such a small space. 

2. Jennifer Garner helps her daughters sell girl scout cookies. So cute! Still bitter that my mom always made me sell my own cookies (love you mom!).

3. LOL at this news station calling the Pyeongchang Olympics the P. F. Chang Olympics😂

4. Was there ever a more perfect pair of heels? J. Crew is doing 30% off right now too!

5. I already wanted to go to Australia and now following along with Hallie and Jess's trip has intensified that desire to visit the land down under by about 1000%. So stunning! 

6. Don't ask me why but I always get way into the olympics. I remember watching Shaun White in Sochi and being so sad for him when he didn't do well. Needless to say I was v. invested in him winning this time around. May or may not have teared up when he got so emotional after winning the gold

Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love!

xo Catherine 

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