Things I Like Vol. 58

June 27, 2018

Happy Wednesday! I'm on day three at my new job and it's going well so far. The commute isn't ideal from my mom's house but I've got a ton of time to catch up on podcasts this way #silverlining. I feel so behind on my podcasts after being out of town for 10 days. Does anyone else get stressed out by having a lot of podcasts/TV/books to catch up on? Crazy that something that's supposed to be relaxing can be stressful if you get behind. Well now that we've talked about that very important subject we can move on the good stuff!

1. This is old now but I still wanted to share it since I bookmarked it to share weeks ago. Oops! The Fab 5 went to Yass Australia and were all crowned to become Yass Queens. I'm dead. It's too perfect!

2. My Insta-friend Noelani's gorgeous home was just featured on Style Me Pretty. It looks amazing and I'll definitely be getting inspo from her when we find a place!

3. Speaking of gorgeous homes, my sister-in-law turned me on to Patti who redesigns homes in Minneapolis with her husband and then rents them out. I'm obsessed with her work and would absolutely love to live in her latest rental. If I could design a home right now that's exactly how I'd do it!

4. In case your Wednesday could use a little dose of a fluffy puppy

5. I just got a new work tote so I'm not in the market for one but how fun is this wicker option for summer? Seriously you guys, don't let me buy this!

This week has been all-around very exciting and kind of crazy. We bought a new (to us) car, I started a new job, Mark had some good news at work and my sister-in-law just had her first baby! Everything is so so good right now. Enjoy your week, friends!

xo Catherine 

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