We're Moving!

June 1, 2018

OMG. I have wanted to share this for months! We are moving home to Minnesota! After our honeymoon we were talking and realized that we didn’t really know why we were living here. We live in a suburban neighborhood of the Bay Area where there’s not a lot to do and despite living in the suburbs our rent is still very high for minimal space. It just didn’t add up. The only thing keeping us here (aside from the fact that it’s California) was that we had good jobs and lived near our companies. After three years away for me and seven for Mark we were really craving more friends and family in our lives. Mark has a decent amount of friends here from college, and they’ve become my friends as well, but I’ve struggled to make friends of my own, which is important to me. I’ll cop to it and say that I could have tried way harder but as an introvert it’s so intimidating to put yourself out there! Three years of being away from family has taken its toll and we're both very excited to be closer to family and friends (and for the cheaper rent)!

So late last year we decided we’d start job hunting but hadn’t totally decided where we wanted to end up. We were considering both New York and Minnesota because we have family in both places. I interviewed for roles in both states and let me tell you, job hunting out of state is hard! I'm so thrilled to have accepted a new job in MN and am excited to start in late June! We knew that it would be pretty much impossible for us to get jobs at the same time so I will be moving first and Mark will be staying in California for hopefully a (very) short while to wrap things up here. I’m not excited to do long distance again as I thought that part of our relationship was over but I know it’s a big step in getting to where we want to be. 

Now the madness is beginning. Moving is always stressful but a cross country move is a whole other beast. To top it off we’ll be taking a trip to New York and London in two weeks. So basically everything is happening all at once. All very very exciting things but it's a tad bit overwhelming! 

This is my last weekend in California so I’m hoping to sneak away from the packing madness to do something “Californian” but we shall see if time permits. So much to do!

Thank you for following along and for stopping by to read. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo Catherine 

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