Things I Like Vol. 56

May 30, 2018

What a great weekend! Normally long weekends still don't feel long enough but this one was just perfect. We had a wonderful mix of seeing friends and being lazy at home #thebest. Overall the weather was wonderful and felt like summer was here all of the sudden. I went to check out the San Jose rose garden on Monday – so gorgeous! That's where the above photo was taken. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend and that the short week flies by for you!

1. Bad lip reading from the royal wedding­čśéThese are always so funny.

2. Nine skincare mistakes you're making. Oops, I do a few of these things. 

3. Hitha's book review has me wanting to pick up The Queen of Hearts. She compares it to Grey's Anatomy so count me in!

4. Jen's post about allowing yourself to deviate from the plan or routine every once in a while really struck a chord with me both because I am a very plan-oriented gal and also because I definitely have those days where I allow myself to be upset over stupid things. Love the idea of planning to be positive even when you're having a sh*tty day. 

5. I've been wanting to try out the multiple dainty rings trend and am eyeing this one, this one and this one. So lovely!

xo Catherine 

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