Things I Like Vol. 52

May 2, 2018

It's Wednesday and I'm back with a new post finally! I'm going to have a new Recent Reads up on Friday as well so hopefully I'm back in the blogging swing of things! Hope your week has been smooth sailing so far, mine has been a little hectic. Just trying to get my life in order, you know how that goes ;)

1. Draper James teamed up with Crate and Barrel to make the cutest outdoor entertaining line!

2. If you're like me and you're searching for some cute Royal Wedding viewing decorations look no further. Here are some fun things that will make May 19th even more magical: one//two//three//four.

3. In other shopping news I just found the cutest summer bag. It's hitting all of the trends via material, color and shape! 

4. Victoria's essay on blogging really resonated with me. I've had very high highs and really low lows with this little internet space but knowing I can always come back and create feels wonderful. Who knows where the blog will end up or take me but I love having it around.

5. Ever since Carly mentioned that she switched her hair part up I've been wondering if mine is parted on the correct side. Such an odd thing to contemplate but this video was very informative on the subject. Side note: let's all have a good LOL at this throwback to when I tried a center part😂

That's all I've got today. Have a great Wednesday!
xo Catherine 

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