Things I Like Vol. 55

May 23, 2018

Well here we are a week after I said I was going to write a wedding post and still no wedding post. Whoops. I'm the worst. As you may know we were home in MN this weekend and it's always such a whirlwind packing and only being home for such a short period of time that I never find time to blog on those weekends. Such is life. It was a fun trip! There was some seriously beautiful weather so we were able to spend time with family outside. I watched the royal wedding with my family early on Saturday and it was so worth the 5AM wakeup call. Did you watch? Later that day we went to my cousin's wedding IRL and that's always a blast. I absolutely love weddings and feel like they've become even more special now that I've been through it. We're back in California and back to our regularly scheduled Wednesday Things I Like programming!

1. Have you seen this snarky Instagram account that's supposed to be from Prince George's perspective? It's seriously hilarious.

2. Have you ever been reading a menu at a restaurant and wondering "WTF is that?", well OpenTable decoded some of the most confusing menu terms

3. Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly Sale and here are a few of my favorite things: one//two//three//four//five

4. Grace is one of my favorite bloggers and I really trust her opinions when it comes to beauty products. She wrote this amazing, comprehensive Beauty Q&A post and there's so much good info in there!

5. So. What did you think of Meghan's wedding day looks?? I shared my thoughts on Instagram but I'll write about them here too. While I loved her dress and thought she looked stunning, I was underwhelmed for a royal wedding. I was hoping for a little more oomph and something more "princessy". I will say that her whole look felt very true to her sense of style so I appreciated that she made it her own. Her reception look was amaze though! She and Harry both looked like movie stars. Then they made their debut in public as a married couple and Meghan crushed it with this elegant look. So excited for all of her outfits to come!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xo Catherine 

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