January 17, 2013

Here's a post about Food, which I tend to neglect in the face of Fashion, which is my favorite "F." Over the weekend (which I'm now realizing was kind of a long time ago) I finally went to Nadia Cakes in Maple Grove. It's been there for months, with all of its glorious desserts, staring me in the face and I just got around to trying it. Anyways, it was delish! My mom and I got these two to split:
 The cupcake on the left was a brownie cupcake (my favorite of the two) and the righthand one was called a chocolate supreme I believe. The shop was charming, with lots of cute little chairs to sit in. I will definitely be going back...maybe for some of their adorable Valentine's cupcakes!

P.S. I have some fun upcoming posts! As per request I will soon be posting my top ten favorite restaurants. Secondly, I realized that I'm quick to judge other people's faux pas and so I will be owning up to some of my own fashion missteps (with pictures!).

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