New Year, New Me?

January 3, 2013

I know it's January 3rd and therefore a little late to be making New Year's Resolutions, but better late than never. I promise there will be minimal clichés. This year I want to overall improve my life. Here's what I propose:

Physically (here's the first, and hopefully only, cliché): exercise more. I'm not going to go so far as to say I want to lose X number of pounds because I don't need to, but I just want to feel better. I don't think anyone has ever regretted a work out and so I think I would feel better about myself if I increased how much I exercise.
Also, I want to sleep more once school starts. Lethargy is way too prevalent in my life. I think my life would be better if I slept more, whose wouldn't?
Feel more beautiful. Unfortunately, I occasionally throw myself a little pity party when I think things like "I don't like my hair," or "she's prettier than I am," I need to stop with the self comparisons-they don't help anything. I will make a point to appreciate who I am and to feel beautiful. I will treat myself to things that make me feel beautiful once in a while, like haircuts or new nail polishes.

Spiritually: I want to be more thankful, more satisfied with what I have. I need to learn to not worry about things that I cannot control and let the little things go. I have a surplus of stress in my life, so I would greatly benefit from this mantra.

Financially: stop spending and start saving. I've already been doing this, but I want to continue to be more conscious of my spending.

Socially: I am an introvert and so it's going to be challenging, but I want to put myself out there more. I will try to go to events I would normally avoid because I want to become more comfortable around strangers.

I realize that I'm asking quite a bit of myself and I want to be realistic, but I also want to challenge myself. These resolutions are fairly doable, I'll even start right now...with sleep ;)

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