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January 7, 2013

Lately, my boyFriend and I have been watching a lot of movies. It's always quite an affair to find a movie that we can both agree on, so when we do it's exciting. The movies that we agreed on watching recently were: The Shawshank Redemption, The Perfect Storm, and Dead Poet's Society. Exciting? False. These critically acclaimed movies were depressing. Yes, they were commendable movies, but each and every one had some depressing aspect. After viewing all of these movies I've been wondering why can't "good" movies also be happy movies? Therefore I have assembled a list of movies that I think are very good, and never fail to make me laugh.

1. Finding Nemo. (Pixar is so darn clever)
2. The Parent Trap
3. Singing in the Rain
4. Bridesmaids
5. Princess Diaries
6. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
7. Father of the Bride
8. Easy A
9. She's the Man
10. Miss Congeniality 

These movies may not be critically acclaimed, but they sure do make me laugh.


  1. I completely agree with all of the movies on your list excluding Bridesmaids. I believe it is a movie that a vast amount of women enjoy but very few men do. I am a male audience and I do enjoy most movies that the average male wouldn't but female would. I'm curious as to what is so good about Bridesmaids that makes it on your top ten.

  2. For starters, have you seen Bridesmaids? I'd at least give it a try, if you haven't. It makes my top ten because it still makes me laugh even though I've seen it about seven times. There are so many good one liners that I can use too!

  3. I love this post!!! I am deff. going to watch the ones I haven't seen! I think you should do a top 10 restaurant list!!! :)


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