I'm Owning Up

January 22, 2013

Well, I've been quick to judge other people's Fashion faux pas, so I thought it was about time I own up to my own not-so-chic choices.

1. Let's start with these little gems: Crocs. I know they're horrible, and yet I still wear them shamelessly. Well, maybe not shamelessly, but I still wear them in public from time to time.

2. I know this is an old one and not really considered a faux pas anymore, but I mix silver and gold all the time. I wear a rose-gold watch and a silver ring every day and occasionally mix silver and gold bracelets.

3. I do own an iron, I swear, but I am also on occasion incredibly lazy. So here's number three, wrinkled garments:

4. I realize, and will admit that Uggs aren't attractive, but I do live in Minnesota and so they're quite practical. This is one faux pas that I'm willing to live with:
(Yep, I own three pairs.)

5. I've been told it's the strangest thing that I wear socks to bed. Not only do I wear socks, but I tuck them into my pants so that my pajamas don't ride up. Here's a lovely picture to give you an idea:

6. I've read in magazines that it is now okay to mix brown and black, but in certain scenarios I disagree. Here is what I wear to my internship occasionally, a brown belt with black slacks (fear not, I always have a shirt covering this indecency, so it's our little secret):

7. Here's the finale: gray on gray, wrinkled t-shirt and crocs. I just wore this around the apartment building, but I still saw people on my way to do laundry so I guess that counts as wearing it in public.

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