Best of 2016

December 28, 2016

It's December 28th! How in the world? My Best of posts are my absolute favorite to pull together (see 2015 and 2014). It may seem a little shallow to have a blog dedicated to my outfits but it's my own personal diary. I can look back at these outfits and remember where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with. It's so nostalgic! Here are the favorites of 2016.

It's going to be kind of hard to top 2016 from getting engaged to bringing Louie home to all of the traveling I was fortunate enough to do (Tahoe, Arizona, Yosemite, DC) it was a pretty amazing year. There were obviously a ton of horrible, disappointing things that happened in the world this year, but we've got to keep moving forward and just hope and work to make 2017 better.

Thank you for coming to this little space reading! 
xo Catherine

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