Travel Diary: Cabo San Lucas

February 17, 2017

It's been over a week since I've been back from Cabo and now these pictures are making me sad all over again that I'm not back there! It was an equally fun and relaxing trip with lots of quality family time. I went home feeling very content! We chose Cabo because we had been to the Atlantic side of Mexico when my sister and I were in high school so we wanted to try the Pacific side. It was also really nice because Cabo tends to attract more adults, so if you're into that and looking for a kid-free location Cabo fits the bill.

Where we stayed: We stayed at the Villa La Estancia in a private rental, which was actually insane. My sister and I had our own suite and it adjoined the main suite via a huge and fabulous balcony (with the above views). It was really nice, but probably unnecessary for only three people. When you stay at Estancia you get access to the other two hotels that are part of the Villa group so you can go to their pools and eat at their restaurants, which gives you some nice variety. Overall it was a beautiful property and the staff was actually incredible. I found everyone to be just the nicest, sweetest people. I'll be honest that I was a little worried how Mexicans would view Americans after all of the wall nonsense, so I'm happy to report that everyone was more than welcoming. The only downside is that it's on a beach where there are a ton of vendors walking by trying to sell you things, so it's not very relaxing to sit on the beach. The pool was very nice though and we opted to hang out there most days.
What we did: We had two excursions planned that were both so fun!
1. We went on a snorkeling trip with Pez Gato to Bahìa de Santa María. It was with a smallish group (maybe 20 people?) on a catamaran. The boat ride was the best part and we saw several whales along the way! They anchor at Bahìa de Santa María and you just hop off the boat to snorkel. I've been snorkeling before and it's kind of hit or miss for me. If your mask doesn't fit just right it's game over. Mine were pretty foggy so I couldn't see much. It was also quite cold! When we went snorkeling in Maui they gave us wetsuit tops, which made all the difference. Also, on that trip we saw a sea turtle while snorkeling so I just don't think anything is ever going to top that! Anyway, my sister and I ended up just swimming to shore (shown below) and warming up in the sun. It was such a beautiful spot, so even though we didn't love the snorkeling, it was still worth it!
2. Our second outing was a sunset dinner sail with Cabo Adventures. We went over around the arch and then crossed over to the Pacific side and sailed into the sunset, ha it was mostly couples, it was actually very nice though. There was wine and an arrangement of appetizers #yas. My mom and sister were bummed because they put the sail up but it wasn't windy enough so the motor stayed on the whole time. Honestly, I didn't even notice and still had a grand old time.
Where we ate:
- The Office. This place was on pretty much every list of places to eat in Cabo, so we went, and I would say definitely skip it or maybe go during the day. It's a great location, right on the beach, but it had major Señor Frog's vibes.
-Edith's (pictured below). This place was adorable with tons of lights and lanterns strung up in the trees. It's entirely outside and you kind of feel like you're in a fairy treehouse or something. We went here on Super Bowl Sunday and wanted somewhere that didn't have any TVs and where we could ignore the hoopla and Edith's delivered. We actually found out that it's owned by the same people as The Office, but it had majorly different vibes. I had some excellent Baja Shrimp, in Baja! So that was a win.
- The Rooftop at The Cape, which is a rooftop (shocking!) bar. We were treated to an absolutely amazing sunset (picture below) while we sipped on cocktails and listened to music before dinner. It was picture perfect. Then we headed downstairs for dinner at The Ledge. There was weirdly almost no one there, but I would definitely recommend. It also has beautiful views, but you're down closer to the water. The menu was excellent, I had shrimp again and then you're able to pick three sides which I love because the sides are always the best part. We finished it off with chocolate cake and cookie dough ice cream. Delish! While we had a fair amount of activities and nights out, we spent the majority of the time at the pool/beach just relaxing. I had several margaritas and piña coladas and did a little registering (not kidding) and reading poolside. We also treated ourselves to massages at the Desert Spa, which was huge and very nice. I would definitely go back to Cabo and would love to try staying at a hotel where the beach is a little bit less trafficked so you can do more beach relaxing. Overall I'd definitely recommend a trip!
Couple of random things:
-I flew into Cabo alone and was kind of nervous to be in a foreign country/navigating customs by myself, but it was no big deal. Customs/immigration did take me over an hour to get through though. The airport was nuts when I arrived. However, when my mom and sister got in later they breezed through.
-All the taxis are big unmarked vans, which is kind of sketch, but they're legit. 

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xo Catherine

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